Saturday, May 02, 2009

Salman Khan to bring awareness for hit-n-run cases

salman khan drunk driving 300x226 Salman Khan to bring awareness for hit n run casesThe memories of the scandal and stir created when Salman Khan ran over some poor people sleeping on the street with his rash driving is still afresh in everyone’s mind. Now, the same Salman who had been involved in a serious hit-n-run case is doing a public awareness ad where he asks people not to ignore the victims of hit and run cases.

The ad talks about how people just ignore those who are in distress on roads when hit by someone. It shows a man hit by a vehicle who is left to die.

The ad has been directed by Nikhil Saini who says, Yes, Salman has done a 90-second ad with us. After the story unfolds, Salman comes to give a public service message.

He is wearing ‘Being human’ shirt and he says, “Apni zimmidari se mat bhagiye. Responsible aur zimmedar logo ki zaroorat hai is desh ko.” The ad also has Vipin Sharma, (Darsheel Safary’s father in Tare Zameen Par) and Shailendra Gaur, in it. We are quite hopeful of driving home the point.”

Friday, May 01, 2009

Madame Tussaud’s: Sallu is the most kissed star

Salman Khan is the most kissed actor at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, beating Shah Rukh Khan and superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

madame tussaude28099s sallu is the most kissed star 277x300 Madame Tussaud’s: Sallu is the most kissed star

Recently Salman Khan has been seen campaigning in the Loksabha elections, for several leaders including Binod Khanna.

According to the spokesperson at Madame Tussauds, “Salman beats all the Indian personalities in popularity chart.”

“He is the most kissed and most photographed amongst the lot. Khan joins the likes of Hollywood’s Justin Timberlake who is the most hugged at the museum,” added the spokesperson.

Monday, November 17, 2008

शूटिंग से पहले अभ्यास करेंगे सलमान और अजय

मुंबई। अपनी ज्यादातर फिल्मों में अक्षय कुमार को अभिनय का मौका देने वाले निर्माता विपुल शाह अपनी फिल्म लंदन ड्रीम्स के लिए सलमान खान और अजय देवगन को लेना चाहते हैं। लेकिन इन दोनों को अच्छी तरह से समझने के लिए वे एक ट्रायल शूट (शूटिंग का अभ्यास) करना चाहते हैं।

शाह कहते हैं कि शूटिंग से पहले दो-चार दिन सलमान और अजय के साथ मैं शूटिंग का अभ्यास करना चाहता हूं। दरअसल, मैं उन्हें समझना चाहता हूं ताकि शूटिंग के दौरान जब मैं नहीं भी आऊं, तब भी वे फिल्म को अच्छी तरह कर पाएं।

अपनी फिल्म सिंह इज किंग के विवादों में घिर जाने के कारण इन दिनों विपुल कुछ व्यस्त हैं। उनकी फिल्म लंदन ड्रीम्स में एक नई अभिनेत्री दिखाई देंगी।

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am a Good Guy Says Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s new release Heroes has already hit theatres and he is pretty sure that audiences will like the film. Infact he said he will be rather surprised if it doesn’t do well.

He says,

“Heroes got tears in my eyes about six to seven times while watching it. That’s the maximum I’ve cried while watching any film. Samir Karnik has done an outstanding job with Heroes. He is the true Hero.”

And will be movie be a box-office hit, “I mean, I will be surprised if Heroes did not do well.”

Talking about his character in the film, Balkar Singh, a Punjabi officer he says,

“First of all, I did not put a fake beard. I wanted to grow my own beard and make it look very authentic. Then again, we are actors and we have to act. There is no way out. It’s more about the convincing nature of the character you play.

Every character I play or I’ve played is somewhere close to me. There is some personality in me, which has to have this resemblance. If I don’t have that spark of the character, I cannot play it. I choose those roles, which I think I can comfortably do it. My onscreen roles bring out some kind of Salman Khan, which is off-screen. Balkar Singh is tough, patriotic, loving and a good guy. I too am a good guy and not a bad one as many people think I am.”

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I always get nervous working with Salman: Kareena Kapoor

, who’s been on a high since the release of “Jab We Met”, finally started shooting a new film “Main Aur Mrs. Khanna” with . She says the idea of working with her “sister’s co-star” makes her nervous.

“Although we’ve done Priyadarshan’s ‘Kyon Ki…’ before, I always get nervous working with Salman. He was my sister’s hero long before we were paired together. And now to be doing a film with him,” Kareena told IANS.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Salman Khan - The eternal lover boy of Hindi cinema

When he celebrated his 42nd birthday few days ago would Salman Khan have mused about the fact that he needs to undertake a change of image to shed away his ...